"Colt McCoy - I Am Second Testimony" Comments

Hello Brother in the Lord

This video and the commercial that Tim Tebow is making for the Super Bowl is making a big stir for those who do not know Christ as their personal savior and that is great. There has been other Christian Men of God who have made the world uncomfortable and it is great to hear and see two men of God going to battle for the Lord. I am tired of the heathens saying we can't speak of God or His Standards,morals or values. It's time to speak out no matter what they say, because my God is Bigger then anything the World has to throw at me or His family. Because of your faith, that doesn't change your performance on the field in a negative way, if anything, it makes you a better player. When we accepted Christ as our Lord, we became warriors and we are at war with the enemy every day. So let's strap on our weapons and go get the enemy! God Bless you both Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow.